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  1. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi, I'm looking at getting a new rod and initially was going to go for a century Excalibur c curve. But now I have heard nothing but good things about the t-900. The only thing that puts me off is the length as I am only 5'6 This then makes me think a t-800 would be better but now I am unsure...
  2. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    The walk never get's any better & it's important to remember the journey there is the good bit... Steve managed a bream on feathers while Dave was plucking them out on bait upto 1lb 4oz but he also found a lovely gurnard. I have never known the feathering to be such an ordeal, the sea had...
  3. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    On Sunday afternoon around 230pm I'd woken to see a message from Gary asking if I fancied a local session, I yomped down a roast dinner and rehydrated after a heavy Saturday night and tentatively agreed. I have spent months with absolutely no passion for fishing, I even spent time questioning...
1-3 of 3 Results