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  1. Shore Riverside Dundee 06-06-2020

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Fished Riverside Discovery point 11:50 to 18:00, Tide LT=09:57 HT 16:15, Bait mackie,bluey,lugworm,ragworm. Weather a bit of a wind dry, Water calm. Well there was a bit more wind than i expected weatherman wrong again. It wasn't long before i was into my first flounder it didn't take long to...
  2. Shore Fishing riverside Dundee

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Fished Riverside Dundee,15:50 to 20:00, LT=18:17 1.7 HT=00:41, 5.0. Bait mackie, bluey, black lug, squid, Water plenty waves,dirty,Weather wind from s/w, some cloud,dry. Well decided i had to get out not been out this year yet so headed doon the river. Talk about a slow shift it took about...
  3. Shore Riverside Discovery 03-06-2016 A few flounder but good to be out in the sun.

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Fished riverside Fished 06:15 to 15:30,Tide LT=07:57 HT=14:10, Bait mackie,bluey,lugworm,ragworm, Weather calm sunny wind did pick up for a bit later but died down again. Water calm. The fishing like yesterday was very slow to start with well non existent actually and had worries about my bait...
  4. Shore Broughty Ferry and Bridgeview cafe 24-04-2016 A few fish here and there.

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Fished Broughty ferry beach 10:00 to 17:00,Bait mackie,bluey,lug,rag Tide LT=10:59 HT=17:09, Weather light wind,cloudy/sunny,water calm and clear. Headed down to the beach for lug and got talking to a guy who was going fishing up Arbroath way, he mentioned there was a comp on over at Tayport...
  5. Shore Newport & Riverside 28-02-2016 So nearly blanked again.

    Scotland Catch Reports
    After my last two outings bringing me blanks i thought i would stay local and decided to try fishing at Newport on Tay. When 10:45 to 13:30,Tide LT=11:46 HT=18:09, Bait mackie,bluey,lug,razor, Weather very light wind, sunny, water calm brown muddy. I later moved to Riverside Discovery 14:15 to...
  6. Riverside Dundee 18-01-2016

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Fished by the bridge monument. Fished 13:30 to 18:30, Tide LT=15:11 HT=21:40, Bait mackie,bluey,squid. Weather calm, raining all day and water flat and dirty. Well never been out for ages and not this year yet normally my first sesh of the year is on the first but due to work overload couldn't...
  7. River Tay permit

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    Just to let all interested that the permit for fishing the river Tay this year 2016 is £17 and is valid from 15th January to 15th October this is just a £1 rise from last year when it actually doubled in price, still worth the price. The permit covers from around Kingoodie to Barnhill...