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  1. Scotland Catch Reports
    Take the rod with you , make sure it fits in the case , add a reel , hooks , weights , floats and you'r good to go . When she is talking about holidays , I always think about fishing and we have to be close to the sea . Last week we went to Tenerife . The minute you step down that plane 2000...
  2. Europe
    I like Tererife , it's always warm , it's clean and scenic . We went down Costa Del Silencio this week , I sneaked the little rod in the case . Enjoy the video , rocky terrain . Love the island . Still early in the season I got a few bites , Nice little break , enjoy ..
  3. Shore Angling
    Anyone know if I need a licence to to a bit of spinning/float fishing in Tenerife. If yes, where do I get hold of one? Also, can anyone recommend a boat fishing trip from one of the harbours in the south of the island. Anyone help or advice regarding kit, tactics etc. gratefully received
  4. Light Rock Fishing / Light Game Forum
    We went to Tenerife first time , the place was nice and warm . I took the light 3 piece rod with me , small hooks , drop shots and rubber shads . I like Tenerife : Fishing was good , plenty new species in there too . Great little trip , enjoy the photos , video . tight lines all .
  5. Scotland Catch Reports
    Now I understand why people are heading away from the miserable weather . Four hours away there is a place called Tenerife and this time was just about right to get away from all and treat ourselves . I made the 3 piece 5 to 20gr spinning rod fit in the case , 2 small reels and a box of soft...
  6. Europe
    Tenerife is hot in the winter . Got the little rod ready . Good for the mini species . And more . And then some soft lure fishing lrf . Setting up the friendly tourist ,happy days .
  7. Scotland Catch Reports
    I know this has nothing to do with Scotland but if you ever have the opportunity and are travelling well south , take a little rod with you . last minute booking to Tenerife , if you like it hot ,this is the place . I got all the little lures and mini hooks ready .I was not expecting anything...
  8. General Sea Angling Discussion
    any advice on shore fishing in Tenerife Thank guys
  9. Europe
    Hi all Heading to Costa Adeje, Tenerife next Thursday for a week. Im wondering does anyone have any advice on any marks in the beaches. Would love to do a bit of beach fishing to see what sport is about. Heard their can be some good Ray fishing. Any information /advice would be greatly...
1-9 of 9 Results