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thornback ray

  1. North Beach

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Rigs used: 2 hook loop rig with size 1 hooks Bait: squid and some rashes of bacon I had left over in the fridge. No weed thank goodness first cast we had Whitings & Dabs every Chuck on squid, started to run low on bait so I used the little bit of squid left over and some bacon to make a...
  2. Shore Dungeness - a ray of sunshine

    South East Catch Reports
    Good afternoon all, Quick report from Dungie today. Yesterday I popped to seasalter and dug a few score of nice lug and set my alarm disgustingly early to make the ten o clock high today at Dungie. Just quickly before I talk about Dungie, if anyone is thinking about fishing seasalter I’d...
  3. Quick walton beach session

    South East Catch Reports
    Had 2 rays and 2 small bass , had the agg of sorting the boat and decided to throw the rods in the car Fished the right hand side of the pier off the beach, more for shelter than anything Bauts were squid / bluey cocktailed with rag, one ray on each bait clipped down pennel , and bass were...
  4. Lost a HUGE thorny

    South East Catch Reports
    Had a few hours at walton pier. First cast out, was talking to a friend whos just started fishing when i was greeted by the butt of my rod dragging against my chest and being dragged out !! Lovely fight, to the point i was thinking possibly my stinger . Ive had 12lb rays , and this dwarfed...
  5. New rods , and the misses showing me how to use them

    South East Catch Reports
    So. Had a nightmare today but fun at the same time. A friend gave me some worm last night , which i wanted to use up this morning even though i didnt get in from fishing until 3am and woke up at six. The missus Wedding trial make up appointment ran well over, and id arranged to meet richard...
  6. Rays at frinton

    South East Catch Reports
    Beautiful moon tonight , lovely night with my eldest. Fished the flood this evening with my boy , he managed one thornback 8lb on the nose , and another beautiful little miniture Very calm sea, was sweating till about 10, so so humid !! Also had a couple of tiny whiting for good measure
  7. Lowestoft pier thornbacks rays

    South East Catch Reports
    Wondering if anyone's had anything sizeable off of south pier ? Had a few sessions few weeks ago Tonnes of doggies,common and starry hounds and a few decent bass , had a baby thornbacks of about a pound . I have only fished flappers , tiny hooks, and small baits. Never seen anyone fishing half...
  8. Shore MASAC hit Oban in search of a wee Spurrie

    Scotland Catch Reports
    The wondering MASAC visit OBAN in search of spurries 1st June 2018 – 3rd June 2018 Day 1 3 of us decided a few weeks ago we would try and target some spur dogs up in Oban. The 1st weekend in June was soon here and we set off around 0500hrs from Huddersfield. We were soon up around Loch Lomond...
  9. Kent Classic Sheerness 2017

    South East Catch Reports
    Kent Classic Sheerness
  10. Offset hook

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hello everyone, I am looking to go fishing Thursday evening, My target is to fingers crossed catch thornback ray, i have pre tied my rigs of which are pulley rigs with a single size 3/0 Aberdeen hook. My trouble is I can not decide weather to offset the hooks using pliers or not. I understand...
  11. Shore Kingston Seymour

    South West Catch Reports
    with summer sports (if you count standing about dressed in white clothes and drinking tea as a sport!) taking up my Saturdays, I've decided to try and fish as many Sundays as I can! With @Carlie_Fpo off with her family, I was going solo and with a previous conversation with @J Richards comming...
  12. Boat Oystercat 21-22/10/2016

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Friday's forecast was fantastic - as we're quickly approaching the clocks going back and the marina returning to weekday's last lock of 7:30pm I want to take the opportunity to do an evening trip. In short, the trip was a bit of a dud, we had lots of jumbo pout, whiting and dogs, but only 1...
  13. Boat A Weekend At Loch Leven

    Scotland Catch Reports
    This years September Weekend was just the 2 of us, as my brother was on nightshift all weekend so couldn't come up for some fash. My dad and I had planned to get everything sorted on Thursday so that we could make a quick getaway on Friday. Got all the camping and fishing gear looked out and we...