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  1. Shore Caistor on sea (great yarmouth)

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Not long now till my yearly week on the shore, hemsby last year but abit further along the coast this year at caistor on sea. Booked a lovely caravan overlooking the beach on elm tree caravan park and cant wait to hit the sand. Last year had whiting, flounder, dogfish and dabs.. Just wondered...
  2. Shore Reculver Day Trip

    South East Catch Reports
    Conditions: WSW 20mph gust 30+ HW - approx 13:20. Fished from 9am till about 2pm. Species caught: 1 bass (miniature), 1 dab, lots of pin whiting, 1 dogfish, 1 thornback ray. Bait: lug and bluey. All fish caught on lug apart from the ray. Thornback was a 9lb female. All fish returned...
  3. Whitehaven - Target Acquired and 2 PB's !

    North West & the Isle of Man Catch Reports
    Hi there, I don't post on here very much (don't catch much worth commenting on normally !) but I just had a good session at Whitehaven last week. Now I normally fish the North East, Roker, SS, Hebburn, Etc., and I used to post on the NESA site from time to time but not for a while. Originally...
  4. Shore Perch Rock Rays and Conger 28/10/19

    North West & the Isle of Man Catch Reports
    Fished down to low on the big tide a couple of days back. Fairly quiet at first with just small whiting and dogfish coming out. Rays came on feed about 90 mins before low and I had of around 2lb and another just over 9lb. Just before low tip wrapped over again and a good scrap...
  5. My first Ray North Beach

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Finally after many months of persevering I caught my first thornback Ray using a loop rig with size 2 hooks with Bluey as bait. Wasn't huge maybe a couple of pounds but a welcomed sight nonetheless. Also had some very small smoothhounds and plenty of whiting. No weed which was good:)
  6. Walton pier , first 50 yards

    South East Catch Reports
    Hid from the wind today on a spur of the moment couple hour trip. Was hoping for a spikey mackeral , instead had this very small very cute spikey flattie on squid rag cocktail Get in !! You cant stop the hustle.
  7. Cappagh

    Northern Ireland & Rep of Ireland Catch Reports
    Fished it an hour before and two hours after. Bait: makeral and crab Rigs 6/0 circle pennel/ 10/0 running ledger steel trace. Fished it with two rods didn't get any bites until the tide turned and was dropping. First got a small codling on crab bait. Then on mack and crab got a nice thornie...
  8. Shore Bristol catches

    South West Catch Reports
    Hi guys I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me where around Bristol/somerset is fishing well at the moment thanks

    South East Catch Reports
    Will be doing a report in a while but to anyone who's noticed in after a ray , my quest is over . Will post report later on as still fishing. Buzzing is an understatement
  10. Boat Oystercat 25/03/2016

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Friday is the only day of the bank holiday weekend that was remotely fishable, one of the other skippers already had his name down to take a trip, so I put my name down to join the trip - all I had to do was show up and fish. 7:30am saw us almost leaving one of the anglers in the marina, but...
  11. Shore Thank cod for rays of hope in February . . .

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    *I wasn't out last night and I won't talk about the night before, I still haven't dried out. But well done to Steve & Jake both finding fish at different locations. Here's how they got on . . . . It's about time we caught up with Steve Harder, who has been that busy tying rigs and preparing...
  12. Boat Oystercat 10 - 11/01/2016

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    As I worked all but the bank holidays over the Christmas / New Years period I thought I'd take this week off to use up the holidays I had rolled over from last year. Obviously we've had plenty of set backs in regards to weather, luckily the 10th's forecasts were varied but mostly reasonable -...
  13. Boat Lady Jue 11/12/2015

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    The wind has been pretty relentless for more than a month. Only small chances of getting out have shown them selves. Out of Swansea a 12hr drop in wind speed doesn't always mean good conditions to head out in as we have the swell to contend with also. Luckily, Cardiff doesn't really have the...
  14. Half term fun trip

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    great weather but a bit windy so we stayed in The Haven. Turned out to be the right decision as the wind got quite strong. Plenty of fish in The Haven to be caught, lots of fun for all the family ! Gran, Mum, Dad and the Children all caught, Congers, Thornies, whiting, Dogs and more. All on...
  15. Boat Oystercat Recap: 30-31/08/2015 & 19-20/09/2015

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    I've not been able to write a report for a couple of weeks - thats not to say I haven't been fishing - Sorry about it being such a long report and lacking pictures. 30-31/08/2015 Saw a couple of bass trips 30th Did a massive loop of the gower, found only a couple of fish for the day. Ended the...