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  1. The Bass Lure Forum
    was down in cornwall for a week last week, had 3 bass on lures and one pollack, lost one big fish from the rumps which i believe was probably a big pollack or even bass, was a good trip as i’m a big lure fisherman but rarely fish big lures in the uk sea so was good fun throwing larger hard baits...
  2. The Bass Lure Forum
    Hi all, As the clocks have gone back and work gets in the way of dawn and dusk, and obviously the whole day!! Would I be right to say that I should have just as much chance or even more chance to catch when its dark? As I get home at around 7pm each day, by this time its completely dark. My...
  3. The Bass Lure Forum
    Hi all, Went out the other day with my Dad and a friend, I wanted to show them some lure fishing over some small reefs of Brighton. We started with the black minnow 120 lures in the kaki colour... we didnt catch nothing, only caught the reef twice and lost two! I never seem to do well with the...
1-3 of 3 Results