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    Hi Guys Change in circumstances means I'll be doing a lot less miles, no need for a motorway cruiser . I fancy either a Transit connect or L200/ Navara type pick up . Anybody here have pros or cons on either . I'm thinking van as I can chuck the Yak on top easy enough and still have plenty...
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    Hi Guys Ok so I'm the idiot who has just purchased a Trident 15 in Northampton and Lives in Dorset... currently I can't find any courier companies who will take such a long item. Is anyone able to point me in the direction of a company that might be able to transport this kayak or any other...
    I was just wondering what you guys use to take your rod in car and stuff. I mean offcourse like what kind of sleeve or hard case you guys using. I just bought myself a Yamaga early plus and it looks so thin!