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    So, i thought i wanted winter rods. My summer rods this year have been the cobra gt 4.2m rods. Had double figure rays , marathon smoothhound sessions, fished 35mph winds eith the biggest swells and tides ive ever fished. And ive never felt undergunned. I smash 8z leads with double squid baits...
  2. South East Catch Reports
    Went out yesterday for my birthday. Now, my dad hates to travel, and i hate fishing grays. I knew the only way to get him out was to take the dive and fish there. Picked a mark i new was alot more broken ground than usual and that i was sure in my dreams would hold some decent bass . Picked...
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    Guys im aware this isnt a catch report but i found posts only get attention in the reports side. I will remove fairls shortly hopefully il get some advise . Literally having a panic attack.... Just doing my weekly clean up and check over of my tronix pro cobra gt 4.2 , i like to wash them...
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    Had a fishing session in the pissing down yesterday , bite detection was fantastic these are the 3 piece 4.2m models Had half hour on the field today in me flip flops haha . Never tried any casting apart from overhead.literally never.. Had 4 overhead casts and best was 166m , tried 3 off the...
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    Tronix pro 3 piece cobra g2 x 2 Lets put thesw through their paces . Every detail on these rods is mint. Light as a feather , will be no problem holding this for hours in the surf, Just very happy right now Thanks tronixpro
  6. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Thinking about getting a pair, what's people's thoughts or experience of these