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  1. possible tuna sighting

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    HI, I got this account to ask one question about something I saw today, I come from a freshwater background fishing the Dorset Frome, Stour and the Hampshire Avon and I have recently tried my hand at sea angling. Recently I fished a mark on chisel beach during the day fishing the rising tide...
  2. Positive News Article on Northeast Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hi guys, I am back with another positive news story. This time directly from my home waters here, off the coast of Sweden. A couple of my fellow angler mates were part of a research team that was catching, tagging and releasing giant bluefin tuna in the North Sea/Skagerrak area. They are...
  3. MADEIRA - Marlin fishing (Charter review)

    Hi all. If you fancy a Marlin or A Tuna while on holiday in Madeira (which is a quite affordable and interesing holiday destination, hugely rich in culture fauna and flora i may add) i recomend this charter...
  4. looking for a charter boat in cabo that releases all billfish

    Rest of the World
    Hi ,i am looking for a charter boat for the 1st week of october before the comps start.In cabo san lucas. It must be a boat that releases all billfish ( without me paying extra for that ) i prefer bertrams or similar boat about 31 ft.This is my first time to cabo ,so any recommendations on boat...

    South East Catch Reports
    Wicked Tuna - season 7 E1 MORE TO FOLLOW ON CHANNEL EVERY WEEK
  6. Fishing tuna on a budget

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    If you exhaled or laughed at the title, you owe me £10! Not a cheap sport I know, not a rich man either but I have to hunt tuna if it's the last thing I do! Have them at my doorstep in 2 months time. Target: 80-150lb blue fin tuna. What I think I need: 100lb braid, 300 metres Spinning rod...

    Rest of the World
    MARCH 2017 - QUEPOS COSTA RICA FISHING REPORT We have just finished an excellent month Fishing in Costa Rica and a huge thank you to those that Fished with us this month for making it all possible! The main highlights for us in March was the excellent Roosterfish action with lots of Fish in...
  8. Ascension Island July/August 2017 Boat and shore trip

    Rest of the World
    Hello Gents I am an Australian based in Norway. New to the site and looking for anyone interested in joining myself and possibly another Australian on a trip to Ascension to split costs on a charter boat. I will also be fishing land based as well. I have been there before and know all the...
  9. 2015/16 season highlights

    Rest of the World
    Below are some pictures of some of the best catch of the 2015/16 season that started in November and just ended. I hope you will enjoy seeing them. The Panafishing lodge operates in the heart of the Tuna Coast of Panama, a non-famed area that sits between the well known Gulf of Chiriqui and...

    Rest of the World
    Hi folks September was a short month for us as we prepared to haul our boat GOOD DAY out for 5 weeks of annual maintenance so that we are ready to go again for high season. We received plenty of afternoon showers which are expected at this time of year but only a few days of the really...
  11. Off shore in Portugal for Tuna

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    I'm going to be fishing off shore next week in Portugal, some ways out, off a sailboat. I don't know much about what i'm doing, wondered if someone could give me some pointers on best lure to use, test line to buy, etc? I'll be setting sail with my 12 yr old son on Friday 29th July for 4 days...
  12. For Sale Shimano Tiagra 80 Big Game Reel - (Immaculate condition).

    Angling Item SALE or SWAP.
    Hi guys, The item is for sale, it's been retrieved 3 times. I have just bought 2 x Daiwa Saltiga 8000's at a whopping cost and I can't justify keeping this as an ornament. The reel is a fantastic piece of kit and would be a bargain for anyone when you factor in customs charges and postage...
  13. For Sale Brand New Popping Rods + Reel

    Angling Item SALE or SWAP.
    Up for sale due to a change in plans this year... 1x Brand new in sleeve Temple Reef Stealth STK 74MH £250 posted via TNT Specs: Piece – 2pcs Butt Joint Guides – Fuji SIC K guides Maximum casting weight 80g Rod weight 260g PE rating 3-4 Max Drag 7kgs Travel Length 1570mm 1x Brand new in...
  14. New boat on the fleet of Oceantur Sportfishing Azores

    Well ... ... we promise many innovations during this season . Here we have the first, a comfortable boat of 8 meters (Astinor 740, powered by Yanmar diesel with 170 hp) with the name "Caimão" is joined to "Rabão" in the Oceantur fleet , we are sure that his crew It will certainly give many joys...
  15. Bluefin Tuna hooked whilst Shark fishing

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    I suspect many on here will already have picked up on the news - through Facebook - of yesterday's unsuccessful battle with a Bluefin Tuna. Here's the initial short report from Andrew Alsop - Whitewater Charters: Fight of the season for us today, a 4hr and 20 min battle with a huge estimated...
  16. Plymouth Sharking

    South West Catch Reports
    Nine members of our Club - - have recently returned from an enjoyable two days sharking; our planned third day, the Wednesday, was cancelled due to 20+ knot winds. We fished in groups of three with a plan...