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  1. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi, Less than a year ago I purchased a Vercelli Enygma Superfast 420 Rod. As mentioned in the posts below, my own Rod fractured / split, just like bamboo in fact, at the first joint – I’ve only used it around 5 / 6 times. I was using a 3oz weight with a single line/ hook and Lugworm – the Rod...
  2. Shore Angling
    Been looking at the vercelli enygma super fast and just wondered if there any good . Mostly fish Devon and Dorset coastlines any input whould be great cheers me butes
  3. General Sea Angling Discussion
  4. Beginners and Improvers
    hello guys!! I have managed to save some money (£200) and decided I am going to buy my first "descent" rod. I have decided to go with the Vercelli range. Mainly because i heard they are fairly light in weight..(i have a back problem, cant handle heavy rod.) I have been researching it and like...
1-4 of 5 Results