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  1. South East Catch Reports
    Had 2 rays and 2 small bass , had the agg of sorting the boat and decided to throw the rods in the car Fished the right hand side of the pier off the beach, more for shelter than anything Bauts were squid / bluey cocktailed with rag, one ray on each bait clipped down pennel , and bass were...
  2. South East Catch Reports
    Going to have a blank up walton beach today, anyone about come say hi , just look for illuminous green rods and a red shelter !
  3. South East Catch Reports
    Need minimum 10 anglers. Fishing from 2 oclock till 6 oclock £10 entry , £9 to fish the pier . 2 rods , 2 hooks max each rod Prizes will be split into biggest fish in weight , Total length of fish Bring your social head on, its gonna be a laugh !!! Please hit my direct messages if needs be...
  4. South East Catch Reports
    So. Had a nightmare today but fun at the same time. A friend gave me some worm last night , which i wanted to use up this morning even though i didnt get in from fishing until 3am and woke up at six. The missus Wedding trial make up appointment ran well over, and id arranged to meet richard...
  5. South East Catch Reports
    Slow day on the pier for us , the boy had a little whiting and a little bass while i sat on the big baits without a sniff Cheeky bugger haha
  6. South East Catch Reports
    Will be doing a report in a while but to anyone who's noticed in after a ray , my quest is over . Will post report later on as still fishing. Buzzing is an understatement
  7. South East Catch Reports
    Kai has had a sole and an eel on his new IMAX fr match flattie rod I'm blanking on fish baits a guy just had a decent day next to me When is my time haha Looking ok for it though
  8. South East Catch Reports
    So Pumped for a sunny day with a little breeze , baits were prepped,all hooks changed etc , left the house in the Jurassic park wagon and I have to admit, I was quietly confident Open the car doors and whoof, the hats flown off. Not a great sign. Opted for 2/3s of the way up . 2 rods , both...
  9. South East Catch Reports
    Gonna have another day down Walton for the rays , it's only a matter of time. All week tomorrow has looked okay now thinking otherwise. Who's about down there ? Cornwall was a good shout but still didn't overly produce for me, however the boy had a good time
1-9 of 9 Results