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  1. Advice west coast spots?

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Greetings all, I'm away on a two week camping/hiking trip to the west coast, I've convinced my group to let me being rods! We are starting at etive, was gonna go near the church any other recommended camping friendly spots? After this we are heading north but I'm not set on any other fishing...
  2. hi from east kilbride

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    its been a long time infact probaby fished on the gulf side of florida more than home in the last 30 plus i am starting again. so much change to take into account , but lovin it. fishing west coast scotland ,its a bit of a lottery for me no knowledge of any marks always open to...
  3. Shore Loch etive 18+19-02-2016 no fish horrible weather but that's fishing.

    Scotland Catch Reports
    I fished loch Etive over two days but i will just put up one report both days were as bad as each other. I headed over to Etive for a meet with a few other anglers we were to meet sat afternoon at the car park at Connel bridge sat afternoon. I thought it's a long way to go just for one day so...