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west tarbet bay

  1. Shore Mull of Galloway-Terally bay pt1+pt2--West Tarbet bay the videos.

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Watch Terally bay pt1 + pt2 HERE Watch West tarbet bay HERE I hope you enjoy watching videos as much i do making them.
  2. Shore MOG West tarbet bay 07-07-2016 nice species count and fish count

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Fished 10:15 to 18:00,Tide LT=08:41 HT=14:36, Bait mackie,bluey,sandeel,rag,lug, weather light wind and sunny, Woke up thurs morning feeling fit which was just as well for i intended to fish West Tarbet bay the rocks a place i must admit i really do like fishing. I could have spent all my time...