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  1. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Could anyone out there tell me which mark of supercast paul kerry this is I got it a while ago and cant find the same rod anywhere else anyone who knows what sort of age it is iys 12ft 4-8ozhope the photo helps sorry picture is not great but all it szys on the butt which is black is Diawa Paul...
  2. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hello all, Hopefully the title thread will help others, searching the net and will come to this forum to find very useful advice from the experienced members on here! Now, i understand, each different type of fishing has its own type of rod. I am a very novice fisher, who loves to learn and...
  3. Beginners and Improvers
    hello guys!! I have managed to save some money (£200) and decided I am going to buy my first "descent" rod. I have decided to go with the Vercelli range. Mainly because i heard they are fairly light in weight..(i have a back problem, cant handle heavy rod.) I have been researching it and like...
  4. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    am looking to purchase new rod 14 foot 3 piece fishing fixed spool over mixed ground looking at leeda continental diawa theory or other diawas grandwave any body got these or is there something else getting brain freeze now after a days looking
1-4 of 4 Results