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  1. Shore Gorleston beach?

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Hi - Decided to get back in to beachcasting this autumn/winter after 35 year gap. Used to fish Gorleston beach but it looks very different now, is it still ok? Live near Norwich (Brundall), any thoughts on a good place to start appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  2. A km Out From Rossall School

    North West & the Isle of Man Catch Reports
    Had a day out on my SIB -- am a beginner at sea fishing -- learning the ropes -- me and my mate caught a few. Done a write up you can read here
  3. Shore Caistor on sea (great yarmouth)

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Not long now till my yearly week on the shore, hemsby last year but abit further along the coast this year at caistor on sea. Booked a lovely caravan overlooking the beach on elm tree caravan park and cant wait to hit the sand. Last year had whiting, flounder, dogfish and dabs.. Just wondered...
  4. Trunch Lane 17/01/2020

    East Coast Catch Reports
    With the strong winds finally dropping, decided to give it a go. High water at 11.07 am, 6.0 high tide, fished 2 hours either side of high tide. The sea was fairly flat, a bit of weed for first 20 minutes but not too bad. Whiting were average size 27cm with a few at 34-35cm. Ended up with 12...
  5. My first time on Chesil Beach

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    I wondered should I write this report or not because this happened two months ago but decided to do it anyway. Ordered one pound of blow lugs from Abbotsbury Fishing Tackle on Monday for weekend fishing session. Collected bait around 11 am on Saturday and what surprised me how big, lively and...
  6. Seaford Saturday 23-11-2019

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Hi. Fished Seaford Saturday from 14.00-22.00, rainy weather i was soaking wet but was worth the effort. Caught 2x 3 lb conger eels, 2x dogfish, 1x Whiting. I was also managed to net 20x peeler crabs which didn't peel easy and shrimp on old stinky mackerel. Peeler crabs with squid seemed to be...
  7. Shore Dungeness - isn’t a pain when you want some whiting for dinner....

    South East Catch Reports
    .... and end up catching a bloody great big bass instead? Alright, it wasn’t THAT much of a pain as it was a great scrap but it would definitely have come home for dinner if I caught it 10 days ago. Also got a few nice whiting for dinner so happy days :D Few more piccies: Gorgeous sunrise...
  8. Hastings report 1st Nov Love hate relationship with whiting..

    South East Catch Reports
    So a quick catch report from Hastings, East Sussex. er.... Whiting i only had an hour or so to fish and as usual it was an ill prepared rushed session but the whiting were there in thier droves. Bait was Nice sticky black lug that seems to be making an apearance recently. This time of year can...
  9. North Beach

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Rigs used: 2 hook loop rig with size 1 hooks Bait: squid and some rashes of bacon I had left over in the fridge. No weed thank goodness first cast we had Whitings & Dabs every Chuck on squid, started to run low on bait so I used the little bit of squid left over and some bacon to make a...
  10. 188lb common skate

    North West & the Isle of Man Catch Reports
    so this happened while we where up at Scotland all in aid for cancer research uk. Hope you enjoy
  11. Shore Dungeness - a ray of sunshine

    South East Catch Reports
    Good afternoon all, Quick report from Dungie today. Yesterday I popped to seasalter and dug a few score of nice lug and set my alarm disgustingly early to make the ten o clock high today at Dungie. Just quickly before I talk about Dungie, if anyone is thinking about fishing seasalter I’d...
  12. Newhaven-Seaford Saturday 06-07-2019

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Equipped with lug and rag worms fished first half a day in Newhaven East Arm targeted for Plaice and Flounder but no a single flat fish was caught. Instead of that hundreds of Mackerels turned up 2 hours before high tide up to 3 hours after. Managed to catch 6 Mackerels in total but wasn't...
  13. North Beach Great Yarmouth

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Rigs used: A short loop rig with size 2 hooks A 2up flapper rig size 4 hooks with Bonebass gums for attraction. Time: Fished from the low tide 6:30am up to high tide around 8:15am Fish Caught: 4 Smooth Hounds 1 Dogfish 6 whiting (all sizable) 3 Dabs Bait Used: Unwashed squid...
  14. Walton pier , smashed by the boy again !!

    South East Catch Reports
    Slow day on the pier for us , the boy had a little whiting and a little bass while i sat on the big baits without a sniff Cheeky bugger haha
  15. Hemsby 28th march 2019

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Got to the beach earlier today at around 1 pm abd fished on the ebb tide Fished same as yesterday with sandeel and squid on a paternoster rig bit today jist a few missed bites and one whiting.. Went down earlier because the sun was out and eas a lovley day but rest of week ive fished the flood...
  16. January - February Nothing Biting?

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    Sorry for the newbie question but why is it so hard to catch in Jan/Feb? Is it because they have headed out to deeper water now its warming up, or are they spawning? Only started fishing around six months ago so trying to learn as much as I can! Thanks in advance M::
  17. Shore Slow start, but blank saved

    North Wales Catch Reports
    First time out in what seems like an age due to work, family and more so the weather/ tides. After some discussions on where to fish, it was decided we once again try Cymyran. After blanking there back in July, we had since been told we had fished the wrong place and some said it was fished...
  18. More of the same from Hastings

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    I had an hour or so to spare so headed to my local beach in Hastings. Conditions were interesting as there was a good swell. It had previously been quite calm. I'm thinking that the cold clear and calm weather doesn't produce the whiting here in any great numbers. Anyway I made a little video...
  19. Bexhill 23rd January - Guess what more whiting

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Im guilty of mostly only posting positive reports , Ive just blanked at Dungeness and visits to Hastings only produced whiting this week . However I loaded up with worms and headed for Bexhill and no suprise....more pin whiting. and a rockling I dont know how i feal about whiting they saved many...
  20. Dunstanburgh castle, seahouses, cullernose point

    North East Catch Reports
    Wey its been ages since i been out fishing so me and jacky decided to book a hotel for the night so we could hit 3 marks in 2 days. The first mark was dunstanburgh castle, apparently the deepest water on the east coast of England so must be home to some beastly cod(yessssss haha) We got to this...