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zziplex 50/50 tf butt

  1. For Sale AFAW, Daiwa, Zziplex

    Angling Item SALE or SWAP.
    Frozen peelers £100.00 med/large vac packed £100 hundred + £16 next day delivery before 1 pm. Pair of TEAM DAIWA AMORPHOUS WHISKER BEACH AWB 129 £160 each no bag, been unable to remove reducer from the butts, excellent decals, good condition one tip has popped insert and chrome tip ring...
  2. Frozen Peeler crab/cart,ANY-FISH-ANYWHERE SIX AND BAIT, Zziplex 50/50 Butt/ M427 Tip only

    Angling Item SALE or SWAP.
    Frozen Peeler crab, peeled with gills removed, vac packed Sm/Med £4.50 pack, £80.00 per 100, post & packing £15 next day delivery before 12 noon. The perfect bait to make cocktails with during the coming months. Whether your pleasure or match fishing, plenty of rays, cod bass, and decent...