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People: Me & Bigcol

Duration: 11am to 8pm

Tide: Low 2-40pm

Weather: Sunny

Bait: Frozen/Fresh Mack, squid

Results: Doggies galore, Sea Trout, Bass


Tried our luck for a few Mackerel with the feathers to start of with, there were quite a few Gannets working so thought there might have been a chance, didn't take long before we changed our minds and shot off to the next mark, conditions were great, flat calm.
While Colm was hauling in the dogs I was still trying my luck at Seatrout, a 2 hook paternoster 10lb snoods and size 6 hook this time, got a good rattle, it was on, though yeh Sea trout but no it was a Mack!, surprising how far just the one fresh Mack will go for bait especially this one, it was like leather really tough meat, no Trout there though.
tried a few other marks with bait, just dogs, tried for Thornies, just dogs.
Right we thought, spinners, 60g dexter all sorts were sent out, ended up going back to my trusted gold 20g Toby, got one at last nice 2.5lb trout, that perked Col up :lol:
Tried a small Abu spinner next, first cast with that another trout same size, I was really getting my own back on Col now after getting a right thrashing from the shore the other night, 8 bass to Col, me 0
Col just lost his spinner, take this Toby I said, didn't take long before he was into a good fish, a nice 6lb bass

Just one slipup this trip! caught the pull cord on the life jacket pulling the anchor
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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