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Just a big thank you to everybody who has registered on the site!!

We are now up to 1,503 (as of 17:30 Sat) and long may it continue to increase over the next year!

By registering on these forums you will get to experience a wealth of knowledge and ask as many questions as you want! If you have a different idea about how rig up differently, disagree with one of the posts or would just like to have a natter, registration lets you do that!

Don't worry about spelling or grammar or anything else, it’s the points you put across that are the main thing and as long as people understand what you have said...everything else really doesn’t matter!

Registration will also give you access to the WSF Chat Room where you can talk to members of the forum in real-time in addition it gives you the option to receive the WSF newsletter whenever it is sent out.

So don't be afraid to register and post, we'd love to have your input! So have fun on the forums, but make sure you don't miss out on the fishing too ;)

Mike Jr
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