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100% pro rigs and components

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i not one for buying rigs, i make them myself and have done since i was a young lad, a few weeks back on this forum there was a tread about pro rigs and components ,so i bought a few , well i was amazed at them well tied probaly the best i have seen they are 100%, the hooks are kamasan or either sukama , rig bodys clear 70lb bodys , clear line hook snoods , breakway imps or sheilds , cascade for muli rig bodys , tryed them and bingo they work brlliant no tangles , the guy is on here he noing as mark c74 his rigs are excellent, well done mark c74 if your reading this , i will be ordering more, good look mark with pro rigs and components jim:thumbs:
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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