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hi everyone,
fished the tenth green today, only a few hours, not ideal, 1hr up 3 down. no rays all i managed was a decent whiting. :) only used sandeel for bait on a pulley pennel rig with 3/0 hooks. if weather aint too bad gonna try again tomorow armed with peeler, sandeel and squid. the may weed makes fishing over high tide a pain, so gonna try n fish 3 down 3 up tomorow, personally i think the low always fishes better anyway.

well done to the lads to the left of me if ur reading this, they had a good sized skate just as they packed up!

went n had a walk down along kingsdown butts by the old rifle range, there is some quality broken ground down there screaming BASS! need to travel light though and do a bit of scrambling down to the beach!

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