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12 day fishing hols/1st day

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Well 1st day chesil mark,fished from 930am till 545pm..for 4 fish,two bream,one ballan,and one red mullet,all fish were small.
not the best of sessions by all means but 1st day. things can only get better,and will remember camera next time..
was gonna stay till dark but forgot me headlight too ,gotta get better organised,
heading out again tomorrow to a different mark and may try for a trigger,,any tips??????
sorry i missed you DB,
and see you tomorrow chris,
lets also hope the weather holds for fridays boat trip....
see you later chaps,,
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Cheers BIGANT..will def give it ago..sent you a pm mate,
cheers chris ,, yeh see you tomorow bud.winds should be fine for south coast mate if there nw....
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