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Well with the forecast of a fine sunny day and a Northerly wind I decided that a session down on the beach would be a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Checking the tides didn't fill me with a lot of hope as the high was scheduled for around 3.00 pm which ment that I would be fishing the falling tide with bright sunny sky. Not the best conditions as I have found out in the past.

As Mick and Miro had mentioned they would also be heading down to 13th and needing to be back home at a reasonabale time tonight I decided to head down that way as well.

Getting to the western end of the beach around 3.00 pm I was greeted with the sight of dead flat seas and crystal clear water with a reasonable amount of suspended weed in the water. I decided to head along the beach and see if the weed cleared . As I progressed up the beach the weed cleared up but the formations on the whole beach left a lot to be desired.
I then spotted Miro and Mike close to the rocky headland so decide to join them as it didn't look to make any difference where along the beach I wanted to go there just wasn't any formation.

( Flat and featureless :cry: )

( The seas weren't going to make it uncomfortable for this ship heading into the bay )

It was good to meet up with the guys who had already set up with their gear and were settled in waiting in anticipation for a bite.
Whilst the water was clear and the tide falling we were pretty sure that the action would start around the evenin side of things and this proved to be the case though Miro did pick up a few draught board sharks that took a fancy to his baits.

( Mick and Miro )
As expected the action was super slow though it did allow us to do a bit of casting as the crabs were clearing the baits in a reasonable short speace of time. I must say that Mick is coming along well and his casts were looking good.


The slow pace of the early afternoon did also allow us to have a bit of a chin wag, and we were all looking forward to the October comp after seeing the reports and video's from the past weeks world comp. Just hope that we get some good conditiosn and are able to put down a few new PB's .

( Getting a bit of warm clothing on as the sun started to go down. )

( Miro and I having a talk about the possibility of getting a fish as the light fades )

I must say that the evening sessions has a charm all there own and I feel that it's one of the best times to be down on the beach enjoying what mother nature has to offer.
Also it's a productive time to have a bait in the what regardless of the tide.

( Brilliant Sunset on 13th )

As we had hope the fishing picked up a little with Mick taking a reasonabale salmon an a squid bait set out toeards the weed beds further out .We had hope that there might be a few more around but it seemed that this was the only one that was interested in the baits that we had spaced along the beach.

( Mick's salmon that turned into strip bait )

As we new that fresh bait is the best option down this way Mick opted to fillet the Salmon and turn it into a bigger bait in the hope of tempting a gummy or better. As Luck would have the bait git hit very quickly after he had set it out and even before he could send out his other rod the fish was on the first. It wasn't to be the fish that Mick was hoping for but still better than just sitting around feeding the crabs. The fight or should I say lack of a fight signealled the catch to be either a Skate or Banjo shark with the final outcome being a Banjo.

( Mick and his Banjo )

As I had to head off I had to make do with the good company and scenery being my prize for the day.

( Well worth the drive down :D )

As I said I had to be back early so left the boys hoping to pick up something better as the night progressed. Hope they got a few :D
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