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14th to 18th September

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Edge Of Time Goes West

Sunday 13th September sees the regular crew gathered at Stansted Airport for flight 906 Ryan air to Cork. The crew Andy, Dave, Danny, Stephen, Steve, Peter, Richard and myself John. This was to be our second visit the last one May 2008 was a complete wash out, and not worth putting pen to paper about this year we were hoping for better things. The flight went without hitch and we arrived Cork on time to be met by our transfer bus and were soon in Cobh at Shiela’s guest house on Westbourne Terrace, just across the road from the Cruise liner jetty. The kettle was already on and Teresa the parlour maid soon had the tea and coffee on the go. We chose our own rooms, as we had the six-bedroom house to ourselves, (a real home from home).
Next morning Monday 14th, 9am saw us down at the town jetty a five minute walk from our “Digs” we met up with Jim and Susan, the crew of Deora De an Offshore 105, with loads of room for the eight of us. The plan was to try for Blue Sharks as the forecast was good and Jim wanted to get that particular part of the package out of the way. Well to be fair it was not the best decision made of the week, we steamed out for about 2 hours at 12 knots, set up 6 rods streamed out Mackerel on different coloured balloons then sat and waited, a draw had been made to determine who would be first to strike if a run happened, Andy missed the first one, Danny the second, and Dave the third, not one of them were real screamers though and I doubt if the fish had taken the bait properly. As the day wore on the sea became rougher and we were rolling about in the moderate easterly breeze and getting cold as well suffice to say we were not upset when Jim started the engine we headed back home.
Tuesday 15th we met up at the boat at 10am the wind was still in the East and still ¾, so Jim was all for staying inside we gladly agreed, so we stuck our nose out as far the harbour entrance and got a good haul of Mackerel then returned to the shelter of the Harbour, and dropped the hook on a patch of rocky ground. Several strap congers and small Pollack were caught, on the now dead Macks but Jim advised that the game was for a live one under a float about 6 feet deep would be the likely method to attract Bass as several had taken using this method. Richard and Danny worked the feathers from the stern and we soon had “liveos” splashing about in a bucket. A float rig was deployed and left to do it’s own thing, whilst I being a crafty old git slipped one down to bottom and nailed it there with a 6oz lead. Danny saw my rod fluttering and bouncing and said “John you have fish there” not yet was my reply wait till it lifts the butt off the deck then we will see. It did just that very shortly after, and what was thought to be a good Pollack turned into one of these

all 14 lbs of it

After that everything else was an anticlimax.

Wednesday saw us out again at 10am fishing local hook down, Mackerel by the bucket load from the stern, and all sorts coming up to strips and chunks of it, we also had been advised to have some Rag worm but to be honest we could have saved our money as it was nowhere near as good as Mackerel, we had Gurnard, Whiting, Codling, Conger, Pollack, Doggies, Dab, and then Blondes put in an appearance.

The weather was also setting down and apart from the odd passing Bulk Gas Carrier or Irish navy patrol boat, the water was pleasantly flat. Although word had gone around that the Green 105 was finding fish and were “WARRIORIZED”

a bit like being Arvorized at home.

Thursday and Friday were spent in more or less the same format, out for the Mackerel, then back in for the Blondes and others, we fished on a sandy bank in a fierce run of tide and holding bottom was not easy, even with 12 oz leads, and using uptide rods with kind of weight is not pleasant so we put 60z grip leads on managed to get four rods to hold away from the other four that were down tide, we had loads of whiting a few codling and quite a few of these.

the best one went 25lbs, all in all not bad, and maybe next year we will get among the Blues.
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Just found the list of species we encountered, cod, pouting, pollack, whiting, mackerel, dab, blonde ray, conger, scad, bass, poor cod, launce, gurnard, ling, wrasse, dogfish, coalfish, tub gurnard. There was one other but none of us could recall what it was.
I forgot to mention no fish were killed during the making of this report
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