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Saturday looked like the last good day out before the wind came in - it was forecast to pick up N/E to 30mph gusts from tea time, so we thought we would have a good day.

We met at 6.30am on my mates boat for an early start and i'm glad we did - the forecasted wind came early and we were back in the marina by about 1pm. but still had a cracking morning

We fancied try some new tactics - targeting smaller fish - namely Wrasse around Portland harbour . and i fancied trying my New Nomura Kanji 30-70g rod and Kanji FS reel.

first we tried feathering up some mackerel in the entrances - the first drift pushed us very close the wall and highlighted a lump down the side full of fish - we quickly repositioned and bang into pollock - loads of them taking the daylight feathers. My mate switched to a slow jig and caught his first fish on a jig. I only manged to lose my new brand new slow jig to the kelp! and lost my fish skin sabikis! but great fun!


after enough small pollock we drifted the middle of the entrance and soon had about 6 mackerel, amazing fun on light gear and we were treated to a wonderful display from the resident dolphins.


Next up was the wrasse - Rag worm on a 2 hook flapper - i was straight into a Ballan, had a about 4 of them and they were great fun on the light gear -


but then to my delight i landed my first ever Cuckoo wrasse a lovely male - i was made up! happy days - stunning fish!



after enough wrasse we went to anchor on the spoils - about 2 miles out, but by the time we got there we decided it was too lumpy to be comfortable, so headed inshore to the lee of Bowleaze/Ringstead bay and anchored in 45ft over shingle.

With a big bait on the bottom on one rod and a 2 hook flapper on the light gear - on the 1st cast on the flapper a decent mackerel took the squid on the way down - awesome fight on the light gear. we had a few dogs, but not much else.

the wind really picked up much earlier than forecast and so we lifted anchor and headed home

we heard later that a number of people were rescued on a paddle board from ringstead beach - and one from an inflatable kayak at Kimmeridge

madness that people were out on inflatables in a forecasted strengthening offshore wind.

Cracking morning and what fun on light gear! I took the mackerel home and had Cajun baked mackerel with dauphinoise potatoes and salad!
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