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got to the place in the dark and it chucked it down and has been all night, sat in the car and decided Im here now may as well chance it. thru the dense fog on the climb I saw not much swell just a hetic chop. got onto the rocks in enrnest and started plugging away.
after a while got futher out as the tide ebbed and had miss timed it as 77 virgins in paradise came flying towards me knocked me off balance. was ok but snapped the bail arm on the reel. took a bit of adjusting to using it without one and after smashing the realis into the rock at my feet for the 3rd time decided to give the big seaspin some use.
never been totally convinced by the lure, it couldve been a brilliant one, slightly slimmer a proper rattle and lose the yellow sploge off the tail, heavy enough to cast into any wind but a bit dumpy to really fly.
had nine bass in total on it and a couple pollack, by 4 fish the technium was clearly a writeoff a really bad stiff grinding fall or rust dont know but its dead.
in the pics a couple in the rock pool and one that was gill hooked again did try to revive it but hes a gonner better to eat it than leave it to die slowly in the sea.
about 38 bass in the last 7 days now, theres boats hitting these rocks every time Im there so there must be some better fish about. cheers Mat

also after some 128 sammys if the deal falls thru be looking to swap my 10ft teklon for some or cash, its got split duplons instead of the crp it comes with.

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