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We hadn't been out for a while so a wee session was on the cards.
I collect the bear and off we headed to a wee rocky mark up the loch.
We planed fishing over a high which was around 7ish. The gear was upgraded to cope
with the rougher ground so the wr300s and saltist 30s loaded with 80lb braid was
the order of the day.
We were set up by 4.00 and with the weather nice and calm things were looking good.
Things were quiet but after an hour I had the first of the night, a wee Spur around the 6lb range. The heavens opened shortly after but the brollies did their job. It was almost high tide when I got my line caught on a rock quite close in and it snapped, 100yds. of line gone! Hmmm!! I sorted things out and carried on.
Bobo then had a crack off, his line had caught on his tip light but he only lost a couple of yds.
We weren't having much luck but that would change, I was reeling in and I thought i'd caught some weed but low and behold, i'd hooked Bobos trace! weight, snood the lot! he was happy! BUT that wasn't the last of it!
An hour after high tide, I had a what looked like wee bite, maybe a small Dog but when I reeled in I hadn't caught a fish, I had caught my snapped line! Bobo was laughing about me being lucky hooking his rig then my own line. I managed to reach my line and I felt a weight on the other end, I shouted over to Bobo "There's a fish on the end" Aye rite!! but there was! another Spur, it wasn't happy but I managed to get it through the kelp and boulders, it was a wee bit bigger than the first one, landing an angry Spur with bare hands plus add braid and it's twice as hard!
That was the last of the action for the night and we headed home, the banter was good with me claiming 2 and an extra half for the session! Great fun!
'till the next time!

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John, are we going to start calling you merlin?
The magic wand pulls out lost traces and lost line!

I’ve heard the saying a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush, what would you rather have;).

Great fishing again, I’m always impressed with the lengths you’ll go to, to humiliate bobo.
Catching his trace, takes the biscuit!

Great report and thanks for sharing.

Cheers willie
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