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2 nights at Dungerness 15.2lb

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Night 1
Paul (hodgey)
Got down to the hallowed ground of Dungeness by 17:30 and as soon as i had turned up Neil and Paul pulled up next to me at the end of the concrete road at the point quick shake of hands and got the gear out of the cars and made our way over the beach to our chosen spots. Water looked like chocolate soup and there was plenty of swell so was really looking forward to a long nights fishing. Wasn聮t long before had rigs batted up and out in the water. Bait used was lug and cuttle, Fished the tide right down and back up catching ting all the way. about 2 hours before high Paul was chatting to me ( putting the worlds to right and all that ) then went back to his rods started reeling in and started shouting and jumping up and down 聯yes yes I聮ve got one聰 he was shouting went over and there it was target fish COD(ling) 3.75lb of pure sexy fish.
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Soon after I herd Paul shouting again I thought to myself not another one went over to see a funny sight Paul halfway down the beach holding 2 rods shouting help help Neil took one off him and Paul saying I think there is a cod on his one but ended up being he had caught his other line oh well better luck next time. About a hour before high I cast out put the rod back down on the rest and started to bait up the rig I just took off looked up and line was slack I was thinking maybe weed as the waves where at least 10ft high and lots of force so reeled in the slack and watched it go instantly slack again so lifted up in to it thump thump it was off down tide nothing was stopping it so walking with it reeling in as much as possible and letting it go where it wants I was soon in front of where Paul was fishing Paul came running over to see if I needed a hand so he helped get the fish on to the beach using a nice big wave and as the water went away I could see a massive head and there in was my shore PB. 15.2lbs of pure COD, ok it is a bit one the skinny side but it was lovely to hold and see such a big fish. When unhooking it had gone for a small ting that we think was round the hook bait nibbling but not hooked and the cod just came and hovered up the lot and got its self hooked as the ting came out still alive and no hook marks on it.
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After that ting the rest of the night until about 02:30 when we packed up and went home with a big smile on my face

Night 2
Paul (paul9958)
Kieran (T31GGK)
Paul (hodgey)

Got down to same place as night before Paul and Neil where already there so set up next to them again really quickly cast out and this is how the night went ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, porpoise, ting, ting, ting. I heard of a few fish coming out up towards the boats I know zipplex had one and a guy from Ashford had one so they are there but the colour is dropping out now so I think it will become harder and harder until we have another blow. Over all a good 2 nights of fishing and Paul have a good holiday and catch some big fish!

tight lines everyone

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Very well done mate and a great report, cheers and beers,
Congrats mate thats a brilliant fish well done!!!
Great report and well done on the cracker!
Thanks guys! Think I might try my luck tonight down the Hythe rages!
What a stonker! Fair play mate id die a happy man with that cod lol
Well done will, great fish and glad to help out and witness a specimen like that.

Catch up when i get back from my hols
Top dangling mate.JJ
What did you do with the porpoise? Did it pen and ink?
cracking fish well done :clap2::clap2::clap2:
Yeah the porpoise did skink I think it was in the surf and my lead just got stuck on it! By the way it looked it must have been dead over a month!
Nice one! They will fatten up in a few weeks, he should have gone 20lb. Looks like a good cod season.
Nice fish well done !. Just shows if you put the effort in the rewards are there for all to see
clonker,:thumbs: well done
Fine fish fella.

Did you drag the porpoise up the beach for the fox to nibble- keep him away from your bait and all that?
Cracking fish mate going to have ago soon. Tight lines
This is very encouraging for the coming months, lovely fish well done!
Well done that is a fantastic fish from the beach, any beach!
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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