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Well who says to nights fishing are never the same mine were

1st night Sunday saw me getting ready and heading down to dungie at 2000 thought would fish couple hours up and four down got down there pretty quite carpark so headed off down the walkway to be greeted with a choice plenty of room left or right decisions decisions so set up in front of the lighthouse armed with blacks cuttle and squid within minutes of first baits hitting the water the whiting were there but didnt mind as conditions looked good fresh westerly and slight chop on the water high tide brought the weed not much just enough to annoy me the joys of dungie the whiting kept me busy till couple hours after high when had a pull down and the rod sprang back jumping into action but alas didnt connect carried on fishing till 0400 but was the same story whiting. oh and got wet it decided to rain.

2nd night Monday thought change of plan head down about 2300 and fish tide right down got there just after 2300 bit busier then the previous night so headed off more towards the point found a spot and set up same baits as before but went even bigger 3/4 blacks and cuttle all bound together on a pennel still bit of tide there on arrival but the 210g fixed sorted that but it was the same old story whiting from the off till the end of the night finally called time at 0600 tired but not finished yet will try Hythe Thursday night after tomorrows blow.

Sorry no photos you all know what a whiting looks like.

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