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20lb Boat outfit - Help wanted

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A friend of mine has decided he wants a 6 foot 20lb class boat outfit. His girlfriend want to buy it for him as a present, combined Bday and xmas. I get the feeling she wants to spend a few quid. She wants my recommendation. I couldnt bring myself to use a six foot rod, except breaming with a yank trigger caster. So, could you guys who boat fish, if your girlfriend wanted to buy you a 20lb outfit, rod and reel, put your choices in order of preference. If you could come up with three desired combi's, I can pass on the info!!

Thanks for your help

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the grey rods are an excellent choice. dont think, they do them in 6ft thou .ring mick williams on fire fox charters for a good deal[and advice]
if my wife was buying me a present id go for a multi tip

ps ugly sticks (not the 1 my ex girlfriend was beaten with) are shorter but lack the nice action of the longer rods
the SHIMANO TLD15 !!!!!!!! everytime leverdrag, hardwearing looks great!!! (just dont take the ******* apart:help:) not that i ever have mind:oops:
I assume he will be fishing braid?

waveblaster evo 12/20 or 20/30
daiwa kenzaki braid 12/20 or 20/30
MTI 20/40 (not used it but everybody who has says it is a good rod)

Penn 320LD
charter special 2000
TLD 15

6ft is ok for stand up sticks and conger rods, but go for 7-7ft6 in length for general downtide and 8-8ft6 for drifting
good shout!!!!!!!:notworthy
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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