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Haven't been to Norfolk with my wife since last September so it was time to have a visit with Mrs Dangerous to see her brother Paul and Theresa his wife for a weeks break. The last time I was down we had two sea fishing sessions (this was actually the last time I have been fishing) so we decided on a trip back the Rocklands Mere Fishery. The last time we we were there last June we both struck blanks. This time left the sea gear and actually put my fly gear in.
Prior to the planning in the session I made a visit to Harris Sportsmail to get a pair of Strata All Weather Trousers to go with my Strata wading jacket.
All packed up we decided on a 4 hour session which was reasonably price @ £15 with a 2 fish take limit Rainbows could taken, Brownies had to be returned.. We arrived at 12 30 the weather was fine with sunny spells and a light westerly wind.
We booked in and the fishery at 1230 and the James Harold the fishery Manager, suggested we tried the north end/ east bank. Although I had plenty of flies I purchased 5 ( GRHE*Goldhead,*Claret Epoxy Buzzer. Cats Whiskers and a Caddies).
Fishing with a floating line I opted to start the session with a home made Black Buzzer. It wan't long before I had a couple of takes but did't connect. Paul started the session on the West bank with a cats whisker and had one take but he too missed it.
After that that our session went very quite......not like the chap opposite who must have had about 10 fish from the platform he was fishing from on the east bank. Paul decided to move onto the platform to my left and it wasn't long before he got into his first fish ... a nice 1.5b rainbow caught on a GRHE Gold Head.
IMG 1796 - YouTube
It wasn't long before Paul was into his second Rainbow another fish of about 1.5 lb. I continuously changed flies and the speed of my retrieves to no avail. The chap who had success on the east platform moved so I decided to have a crack there. I changed back to a black buzzer and at last got into a nice rainbow around 1.75lb with an hour to go.
The weather changed throughout the session from warm sunshine and calm to rain/ hailstones and strong breezes. It was getting on for 1615 and storm clouds were moving in quickly from the west and Paul decided to pack in, I had one last cast this proved fruitful with a lively rainbow around the 2.0lb mark that must have come out the water about 10 times!
All in all we thoroughly enjoyable session and I will certainly be having another visit when I am down next ......or this Saturday.


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