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2hrs at the ranges

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Yesterday morning a decision was made to use up some left over bait from Thursday (when I went fishing at hythe and just had pin whiting, the girlfriend had a codling so beat me again on her second time fishing!!!) we had to be home in Dartford by 3.30 and it was 10 already. We knew we were not going to get long on the beach but why not ey.....

Headed off in the car and started the 55minute journey..... On the M20 there was flashing signs that animals were in the road!!! Then a few miles on disaster! The traffic stopped, completely! Engine was turned off and all I could think about was the minutes fishing wasted!! Then an idea!! I was going to set up my rods, attach reels and tie the rigs on then break the rods down again... Which I did much to the amazement of onlookers in their cars!!.... After about half hour the traffic moved. 15 minutes later we were at our destination..... Quickly popped the rods together rucksack on and started the 10 minute walk to the mark.....

Rods in quicker than ever before we started fishing at 12.30..... I fished two rods with 1 up 1 down (size 2 hooks). And the girlfriend fished with ond rod. Only used strait lug, just enough to cover the hook (the only way I fish down that way when scratching)

First cast got me a codling of 30cm. Then basically it was codling every cast. Including one of 36cm bang on. My first sizeable codling at last..... I had two more over 30cm then the rest were all quite small. Wherever you cast seemed to produce fish!! Fished one rod at range and one about 60yrds. My girlfriend was casting probably 20yrds but still caught 5 codling!!

Cracking short session of speed fishing. Very enjoyable!!

Final scores

Me - 17 codling
1 whiting
1 rockling

Girlfriend - 5 codling



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Well done Ash after all the aggro on the M20 nice little result.
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