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3 chickens and a small plaice

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went to a mark for a few turbot and plaice the tides were good and wind blowing over our heads well sometimes !!!!!! bloody eastly wind
was a bit slow to start with got there to early but wanted the spot so we had to really. Bait was rag ,maccy,eel and marts salted maccy !!!!!!!!!!!!
i had about 20 maccy so cut a load up and threw in just to have a bit of bait floating around and hope to bring them on the feed after a couple of hours or so had the fist turbot(chicken) it was nice to see they are starting to come in right after had a very small plaice hook was just as big :) about 2 glass back joined us and started to rocK hop lol was funny as hell watching him run to and off the little rock he had to himself (not much left off rock after a few hours of the tide)
tide started to fall back and pete and mart had a turbot each all around the same size all on maccy .was a top day loads of sunshine and great company :clap3:


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Nice report and lovely pics.
What a pretty little fish!
They pull quite hard once they get to the size of a dustbin lid.
nice pics mate, & what a hansom bloke stood there looking out to sea, if you look carefully in the background you can see my summer retreat up on the hill :) :g:
nice pic's rich,

looks like a good day was had by all!
Good report and nice to see pictures. Well done lads.

Good job Glassback had a floatie on..... Err... not. :) Made me laugh as I'd been doing the same by moonlight last week.

I'm glad the title didn't end up as 3 chickens and a wet plaice. LOL
great to finally meet you SS, shame about your car tho, i'd be a bit reluctant to park there again late tho, feckin kids!!!
Nice pics rich did you catch the macks???
Nice pics rich did you catch the macks???
i caught them in Homeleigh GC, pre packed in packs of 4 from the freezer.
took some frozen sandeel and fresh rag too
Nice pics rich did you catch the macks???
yes mate cought them on a boat a few weeks ago was in the freezer
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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