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hi all, me and a few others where up in Portpatrick fishing last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, sorry a bit late, computer playing up.
We based ourselves at castle bay and camped there,
On Friday we headed to the sports shop and stocked up on bait and was given excellent advice and service. armed with some top rag worm, mackerel, lug crab, sand eel and squid we headed to a recommended spot to left of the campsite. We fished all afternoon in the rain and wind only for one hand sized scorpion fish. We called it a day at about 5 as the weather got worse and tackle loss was becoming degrading!

The Saturday saw us heading of to corsewall lighthouse, as the O/S map looked like showing some good ground.I started of lunking bait out into what i thought was clean ground only to keep hooking kelp and rocks! and losing everything even with rotten bottom tactics. We decided to switch to float fishing possible wrasse marks and this proved to right decision, as we couldn't fail to hook into small Ballans all morning probably had around 40+, it slacked of an hour at the top of tide. A small pollack and scorpion was also landed.
Then fishing picked up as Ollie, who'd been spinning for an hour! finally locked into a decent fish and ended up landing a Decent Pollack of around 3lb, on a silver and orange wedge.
And then later on towards the end of the day, I decided to move further round and ramble along with my spinning rod, getting braver as the tide went out, I scrambled onto a rocky island mark where there had been 2 or 3 gannets sat. This proved worthy as I hooked into and lost a fish and then next cast hooked into and landed a pollack of around 4lb, This was caught on a joey mackerel sidewinder!
Excellent fresh caught pollack for tea, and it was excellent too with some parsley sauce. we then went on the lash at Portpatricks sports bar!!!

Day 3 we fished Ardwell bay, All day we fished different methods. no joy until the last hour when the big baits decided to go out for conger, I lost what I think was a Doggie, and 20 minutes later landed a small doggie.
We had a brew and drove back to Preston,
Top weekend and no blanks will be going back again I think!!!
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