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3am ......... and it's no even spring yet !!!

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:confused::confused::confused::confused:Well........ now I know that the season are all confused.

It's 3oclock on a Monday morning,
The good lady is curled up in bed and snoring.

I'm wide awake when I should be asleep
Around the house I'm having to creep.

This normally starts when the days draw out,
When I'm itching to simply just get out.

But I'm having a cuppa and will wait till 4
Before grabbing my gear and out the door.

For a bit more sleep is what I'm wishing,
But sod it, I'm up......... So I think I'll go FISHING !!!! :confused::confused::confused::confused:
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Get out and about. I'm off down the knap now
Get out and about. I'm off down the knap now
Just got back. Hope you have a good one ....... I did !!!
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I LIKE IT .....full of anticipation for the fishing session to better feeling. ....tight lines nick
your a you know it??
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