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We got out just before 4pm for a few hours and looked for a couple of wrecks to try without success so headed for the wreck of an old WW1 Sub about 11 miles off Newhaven. Second drift saw me into a Pollack of about 5lb. A couple of drifts later Alan (Fisherman Figg) got a nice Pollack of 7lb 5oz, a new PB. A little while later Ian (Bouncer) got a codling of about 3-4 lb. John did not have a lot of luck, he lost 3 or 4 good fish but had a few Mackerel and a couple of Whiting on feathers. I also lost a couple of good fish as did the other 2.
We came back in at 9pm on perfectly flat calm water to another lovely sunset followed by the gulls after the remains of the fish that Alan was busy gutting.

Alan ,myself and Ian with our fish

Just to give you an idea of how calm it was!

Not a bad result for such a short trip and apart from the sea mist when we went out, perfect weather too.

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looked a lovely day out there .nice fishies too... i hope in the future i can go out with u again terry on your crackin boat. 2 weeks im on the vitesse from brighton ,weather permitting:yeah:

p.s jet bikers = pain in the arses an not caring of the fishermen
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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