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My fishy adventures commenced at 1745, location to start were up Pompey Harbour. Back to a mark that has been really good to me since taking up the luring endeavours in June this year though drew a first blank on the last visit. A message to @Andy135 earlier in the week confirmed his availability and would meet at the mark a short while after.

Conditions were picturesque, light w / sw winds, at times not a ripple on the water.

Now to spin that most familiar of records, first lure deployed was the P100 in 500g, first cast I hooked into a small shoalie. Working the lure and me seeing fish shadowing the lure before smashing it, no matter the size, it's still such a buzz. Played the fish in close, probably about 1lb before the lure pinged.

Next cast as the lure was shadowed by a much larger fish, which seem to have a look and decide it wasn't that keen and drifted away...

Third cast, fish on. This time it did stick and I managed to land it, lucky to have gone .5lb.

I then moved round to a spot where I expect to see the bigger, to my surprise bait fish were everywhere, while wading, I witnessed exploding bait shoals along this stretch.

I managed to twinkle out another small one fishing across areas that I know hold fish just as the bigger bass started to show themselves as the begin smashing the bait fish.

Full of optimism and excitement, probably more of the latter, I moved closer to where I had seen the bigger bass smashing the bait shoals, it took a few cast to get one on the money, 2 turns and bang.. fish on a rips line from a heavy set drag. Surprising aspect that during the fight, the other bass had started driving bait fish up against the shore, nearly breaching themselves in the process, all the while I was playing a bass right in front of them.. amazing sight. A good little scrap and another lean fish is beached..

Remarked on here recently about the fine condition of bass coming in from the open beaches yet fish up the harbour still appear lean.

It was at this point a quick glance of the phone confirmed Andy's arrival, teased on another spot just along the ways, exchange of how we'd gotten on, I was disappointed Andy had yet to hook up while I had a cracking hour or so.

With the top of the tide drawing closer, a change of venue was called for, a mark on the harbour mouth, we took advantage of various areas available to us, a stop to watch the swarms of bass under the lights, large numbers of fish, akin to mackerel shoals, bass of all sizes with a few crackers.. doing circuits until something foodish appears before the water erupts with bass competing against each other to be first. Lovely to watch, though these are not fished for, other than a few silly casts from another area where I managed to entice one hit but thankfully managed to spit the lure. Obstructions would've made landing the fish very difficult.

Shortly after, we approached another spot that I've done ok with in the past with FBM, I said to Andy, give it a go and the rough area of which to try.. I turned my back to change lures and Andy calls out he's in, great I thought.. thinking it's of the size bracket I was accustomed to, about to turn and fish my lure change and to my amazement, this thing is taking line, get in! I grabbed the net and Andy has his prize.. a cracking fish, indeed.

A return to the harbour mouth throws up another Bass to the hennie technique! A brief moment in the fight, this one had me believing it was much bigger than it was. Apologies for the very strange expression, not sure why.. think Andy must've farted. :happy:

Another move to the open beach threw nothing else up, still with 3 venues and fish at 2.. I was a happy chappy, and made up Andy had caught a nice one.


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