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Hi all, I decided on another trip out again last night. Winds were forecast to increase to gusts of around 40 mph and the wind direction was staying ESE, I was itching to get down there all afternoon with high expectations as I'd had a report of a double figure fish being caught from the east pier in the day.

Had a message from Creedy saying he was up for a session so we met up down there around 9pm.

As we got there we saw a couple of others we knew already set up and fishing, one was a mate who had saw me catch the 3lb 4oz the previous night and he was fishing the spot I had caught that in, which was a right result because it meant that I could get to my favourite spot,( the only reason that I couldn't fish my favourite spot the night before was that someone was fishing it )

Got set up and was fishing by 9.30pm, set up was as the before with 2 rods about 10-15 yrds one with bluey one with fresh crab.

The sea state looked excellent, really really rough with the water crashing over the wall.

Now it was just the waiting game. Around 10.30pm I had a little rattle on the crab rod and a bit of slack, reeled in to find a eel of about 1/2 lb on there.

It was around this time the rain started and I was starting to question why the fish wern't there, everyone else was nice and dry in there cars and I was getting wet lol. I'd expected to take one anywhere from 45 minutes before high-high water and time was ticking.

Then............rattle rattle slack line everywhere on the bluey rod,wound and wound and wound till I felt some weight, by this time the fish had swam about 20 yrds and had half tangled with my other rod, a quick shout to Creedy and It was sorted, now I had to walk the fish under another 6 rods to beach it, a few heart stopping moments and then my mate Andy ran down to collect the fish, I could see it was a good en.

We weighed the fish on my mate Alans scales and it went 6lb 12oz, but me and Creedy thought it was a bit smaller so we checked it on Creedys and it was just over 6lb, still really chuffed with it. I weighed it when I got in and it was 6lb 2oz ( which is the weight I'm settling for )

Another good night, with good company, I'll try and upload some photos later:fish::fish::fish:
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