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Well, first proper fishing excurions of the year for me and Mrs :D

Got down to Dover before 12, got bait from Bills and Brazils, then got distracted by the Happy Chef (not my fault we went in there honest, balme the missus :D)

Got setup and on the pier just before one, between us fished 3 rods, 2 for myself and 1 for missus, water was failry calm, but a lil cloudy, fishing 2 hook flappers, and one 3 hook boom, and had a good start, catching 2 whiting, then Mrs caught one and then....

Bang something strong having a fight, and pulled in a Bass, not a big one, but a good start, was not expecting that on the boom rig a fair way out...

Mrs mangaed to catch another whiting, and that was our luck for the day...

All where caught on Lug

Amusing that we caugt the first 3 fish in the first 45 minutes, with people looking on who had bugger all, but that has happend to us enough times...

All in all a fun day out, and another report to come, where I used the rest of the bait up on the tuesday night @ Sun Pier with some success...
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