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After Saturday鈥檚 soaking it seemed like my luck had finally changed last night, with no sign whatsoever of any rain in the forecast 馃尀. The wind was due to pick up through the evening, but I would take that over anything wet any day 馃槈. Conditions on my arrival at the mark were pretty good and the breeze was nowhere near as strong as I expected, so I wasted no time in getting suited and booted and by 19:30 I was making my first cast of the evening.

Though the water was very shallow and gin clear, I know from experience that this doesn鈥檛 bother the bass at this particular spot, especially as the light drops, and they will readily push inshore with the flooding tide. In fact this theory was proved right after only 10 minutes, when my Swimmish was hit soon after splashdown. A short but enjoyable scrap later and the blank was beaten in double quick time 馃槉.
Fish Fin Fish products Tail Ray-finned fish

With bass 95 taken care of already and at least another 4 hours fishing ahead of me, I couldn鈥檛 help but wonder if this might be my night for breaking through the ton? 馃

Unfortunately, that was it for the time being but I wasn鈥檛 too disheartened, as I fully expected the fishing to pick up again later in the tide, when the depth started to increase and the current started to push.

Barely 2 hours later, the pace of the flood had started to accelerate and I was standing knee deep in the water considering switching to a heavier jig-head, to stop my lure from being forced up to the surface by the flow. Before I could do anything though and completely without warning, there was a massive splash right under the rod tip 馃槷 and I was taken completely by surprise as a bass tried to grab my Mishna at exactly the same moment as I lifted it out of the water. Typically, the fish missed the lure completely, but once my nerves had settled from the shock 馃槃, I was massively encouraged to know that the bass were back on the feed. Surely now it was only a matter of time before I reached the century.
As it happened, I couldn鈥檛 have been more wrong and for the next 2 and a half hours I didn鈥檛 see a single sign of life, no splashes, no slurps, no nips at the tail of my lure, absolutely nothing 馃槶. I carried on trying with a variety of lures, mostly soft plastics but also a couple of surface lures in case the bass were feeding on the top but no matter what I tried, I couldn鈥檛 get any response.

Eventually I鈥檇 had enough and just after midnight I packed up, still 5 short of my target. As I headed back to the car, I started making my plans for my next outing on Thursday night, when hopefully the bass will have read the script 馃.

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paitience mate, youv'e had a good year,..hope it happens thurs for you!!..tight lines..oly... (y) phones gone down,will get the group chat up and running, a.s.a.p...
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