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i would agree that tapered leaders give a smaller knot than non tapered, but the strength is far worse.

if you use a multi with a level wind you might have to go for a tapered. if using a CT multi or fixed spool then a normal leader will be better. i've never had a leader knot catch on a rod ring before, when the knot passes through the rings there is no angle for the knot to catch.

you can get more weed collecting on the knot on the retrieve though, then you might have to handline fish up the pier/ beach.

there are pro's and cons to both but IMO there are mor pro's for the normal leader than tapered.
The centrifugal force from a larger standerd leader knot is greater than with a tapered leader. If you run a fasr reel the line can rise rapidly from the spool and the knot can cause the line to loop over the butt ring.
Tapered leaders cause less problems.
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