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got myself a rod and reel ready for my hols down in newquay and loaded the reel with 15lb mainline and a tapered shock leader,my probably most stupid question is how much leader should actually be on the reel when ready to cast,as i,m a freshwater chap,when i fish normally,a shock leader would go around the spool about 1/2 a dozen times,but this tapered thing if i were to cut it back,{15to45lb bs}would reduce the strength or dont it really need cutting back?its actually 13 metres.also when ledgering,if fiishing paternoster style,do you tie the ledger to the end of the shockleader,if so that would mean tieing hook lengths onto the shock leader as well, or is it just best to fish a running ledger,thanks in advance chaps.

Hi mate, I've never used the tapered leaders but i wouldnt reccomend cutting them back coz this WILL reduce the stregth, if you use it like a normal shockleader you would probably only be using 20lb max. You should be looking to use 10lb per ounce of lead.Just use it as it comes after all that 13meters will be gone in 2 seconds off your spool so it isnt going to make that much difference in your casts.

As was said in the previous reply all rigs should be made with a swivel at the top so this can either be attached straight to the shockleader or to a rig clip,which makes it easier to clip/unclip rigs. This method is mainly used by match fishermen though when a bait is needed in the water for the most amount of time as possible. If your just pleasure fishing you can just tie the swivel straight to the shockleader. If your not up to making the rigs just go and buy a few from the local tackle shop, just make sure they are quality rigs and not just some cheap one desinged for the tourist:uhuh: Greys and mustad do well made ready made rigs. Hope you have a good holiday and cach lots of fish. PM me if you need anymore info on rigs etc:)
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