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Oh dear, things have got that desprate in my life, what with the lack of Cod, that a promise of CavePig in his birthday suit on the beach this morning, saw me awake at the early hour of 3.00am.

All excited I arrived to pick up big gay Al (ALAN) and then promptly made my way down to Dungi.

CavePig was allready there, as was Hondatvr, alas, there was no nakedness, probably much to every ones relief!!

After a good shunt with the digger, Fairchance was making her way down the shingle and was soon afloat.

There was a lovely sunrise as we made our way to the first wreck, but as I was taking a lovely arty photo, a torrent of abuse was hurled at me. "Its a bl00dy fishing trip, stop takeing photos of a bl00dy gay sunrise"! (Dont see a problem with it myself, and how a sunrise is gay, ill never know, unless its riseing in the west!!)

Any hoos, after an hour or two of catching pout and ting, oh, and a solitery black bream, we upped anchor and made our way to the second wreck.

A few bream showed despite a steaming ebb tide and some pesky horse mackerel nabbing the baits as soon as it hit the bottom. To be known from now on as landing in the Paddock!

As the tide dissapeared, we shifted to the other side of the wreck for the last hour of the day. To say sport was manic would be an understatement. Up till this point, Id landed about 3 or 4 bream, the final hour saw me take that up to a total of 13 with another two bumped at the side of the boat (They count though, I touched the leader!!)
Cavepig was also being kept busy by the bream and Hondatvr also got in on the action. Alas Alan could only manage a pituful 3!! But to be fair, he did land the best bream of the day, despite confidently claiming "Oh yeah, deffo a biggie here, tenner says its a BASS"
I nearly pi553d my self when as predicted by me, jem. cavepig and hondatvr, a bream hit the surface!!
Nothing better than a mate making an a55 of themselvs!!

Now for some photos as ive started rambling and the cricket is requiring too much attention!


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great report shirl and some nice fish to boot.
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