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First attempt at a Trip report, so here goes.

Due to my wife working as a civilian communications controller for the Wiltshire Constabulary, (she gets paid for telling policemen where to go)! I muscled my way onto the list for a fishing trip with the Police Sea fishing club on Lady Godiva with that nice Mr Gibson out of Weymouth. There were so many wanting to go fishing on Good Friday that Alfie Tucker (organiser extraordinaire) had to call in the reserves in the shape of Top Cat (also of Weymouth).

After balancing up the numbers on both boats a bit, off we sped. First we tried ‘flatty bashing’on the ‘Shambles’ which I have been picking your brains about for some while…Lost the green/black bead rig I had constructed following instructions and diagram from Needlescodmaster on the second drop! Andrew was the only person to show here and got a small Turbot with the second black/green rig I had constructed. Sadly this was bleeding quite a bit when it arrived on deck so Dave Gibson placed it reverently into the fish box. I shall be making more of those rigs for the next trip!

Next we tried wrecking, I’ve only tried a wrecking trip once before and lost soooo much tackle. This trip, however, was far more professional with Dave telling us what to do and when to do it, where we were in relation to the wreck, how many turns to wind in as we passed over the wreck, (I should mention that there were quite a few novices and improvers on board). One large fish was caught (I cannot remember if it was a Pollock or a Whiting, but it was quite a size).

The third phase of the trip was spent fishing for Whiting off Abbotsbury and they were coming in quite fast, as were doggies, a pouting, two mackerel, a Shad (or is that Scad).

All too soon it was time to wind in for the last time and head for home. Weather could not have been better, Sun and a calm sea, fellow fisherpersons could not have been a better bunch and we could not have had a better Skipper than Dave.

Both boat ‘crews’ assembled in the Sailor’s Return for a reviving pint or a soft drink where appropriate before making our weary way home. Finally I’d like to say thanks to Matt for getting us safely there and back in the minibus. Got to get my name down for the next trip.

Bit short on the technicalities but I hope you got the spirit of the day! Cheers, Tony O-P.
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