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A new phone for worzel 333 (help please)

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New phone for worzel 333(help please)


a few of you may know worzel 333 in my opinion he's a top bloke

a few months ago i broke down near yoeval and through a few calls got hold of him he came out at midnight and towed me all the way to brean
he wouldn't take any money off me for doing it
anyway today he picked up ian houlton at 3am to take him to london for a hospital appointment
on arrival they got out of the car and he must have dropped his phone on the pavement as after a couple of minutes he realised he didn't have his phone on him
they went back to the car and realised what had happened ian tried to ring it but whoever had picked it up had taken the sim out anyhow he waited for ian to have his treatment and took him back home he wouldn't take any money from ian for fuel etc so thought it might be a good idea for the wsf community to do him a good turn
(must add that when he towed me back to brean i had never met him before)

it was a £200 phone so to get the ball rolling i've spoken to a few people and we gonna try and raise the money to replace it
cheers in advance

donated so far

brickie £10
mad steve woods £10
patester £10
little miss mermaid £20
ian holton 20 rigs in a tronix case open to serious offers
fishbits tripod for Auction serious offers please
gmacp £10
voodoo busman £10
sharkey £10
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Does he really need a £200 replacement? I should imagine that he would have insurance for such an expensive phone. Although you obviously mean well, I can think of many more deserving causes than replacing a £200 phone with another £200 phone. I have a brand new Nokia Slide he is welcome to if it gets him up and running again. PM me if you want it. I can have it in the post for tomorrow a.m.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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