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A nice few herring 28/1/23

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Hello all, I went yesterday afternoon in my boat, it was such a cracking day that would be a shame not to push off in the boat and waste it. Well we had a nice few fish for a change, far better than the 8 herring I had the last time I went off in my boat. Hope you enjoy watching, tight line, James.
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James thank you so much for posting these videos. They're really interesting and highlights the difference between good and bad days.
Cheers, its nice to get a bit of feedback. Sometimes I wonder if many people like watching them, or Im posting too many. I havent recorded a really good day yet, I was happy with that amount this time of year, but In the next month or so, the herring will be knee deep.
Nice one Beany 馃憤馃憤
Well enjoyable.....keep em coming
Thanks for that. Its much appreciated that people do actually enjoy watching the videos.
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