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Just woken up after a nights(well almost a night) fishing at Millennium Pier to see how it fishes in darkness. Got there to at just before 7 to do a little bit in daylight. 1 rod cast out, 1 rod with the line dropped over the side of the Pier. Knocks coming straight away followed shortly by the first fish of the evening - a small Pout.

Soon after this, it was followed by a Wrasse and despite a few knocks didn't manage anything else for a little while until my rod which I had cast out had a few knocks which I struck and was rewarded with a taking size Black Bream.

By this time dusk was approaching and the rod which was cast out, got snagged on something. Despite a bit of trying, the end tackle wasn't able to be shifted so out came the scissors.

Whilst trying to sort that rod out and having a chat with someone else, my close in rod was getting a bit of attention, so waited for another knock and struck in, on the end was a Pollack of just under a pound.

Rebaited and dropped the line off the side again and went back to doing other things when the tip goes again, this time more violently. This resulted in a Schoolie Bass of 30cm or so not the biggest but they sure can fight!

After this I had both rods out with the line just off the side and shortly had another Pollack, almost the same weight as my previous one.

After this it went quiet for a little while, with the occasional knock, some of which I missed whilst I was doing something or re-baiting one of the rods. Caught another Schoolie after another 20 minutes or so.

By 22:30 I had the whole Pier to myself, surprising really considering it was quite a pleasant evening. I started to slowly move down towards the Pompey end of the Pier, and it seemed where-ever the line was dropped off the side, I would get knocks, some of which resulted in Schoolies.

Got down the end of the Pier by the Mary Mouse 2 and cast out, after a while had a Silver Eel. Rebaited and cast out again, as I was tightening the line I felt some resistance so I reeled in and had another Schoolie on the end. The last fish of the the evening was another Pout and at 03:45 called it quits.

The tally for the session:
8 Bass
3 Pout
2 Pollack
1 Bream
1 Silver Eel
1 Wrasse
1 Rig Lost!
All returned except the Pollacks and Bream.

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