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A Plaice, some Dogs und ting 'n' ling.

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Thought it was about time i bunged a catch report in :fishing1:

High tide last night was 10.30pm so me and Dimitrios74 got the rods out again for only our second fishing session of the year so far :yeah:

First chuck was at 7.30pm and was a moderate flick out with a fresh black on a single-hook clipped and by 7.45pm the first of the (many) pins was on the shingle :busted_co:

Ballcocks ! The plan to fish the more shallow part of Lancing to try and avoid the tings hadn't worked :doh:

By 7.50pm i was already bored (moaning :) ) and already asking Dimitrios if he wanted to go yet :unsure:

(You know what it's like folks ! When you catch the first one, you just know there are a million more of the little darlings out there waiting to gobble up whatever you send out there so why put yourselves through it eh :ahhh: )

But put ourselves through it we did.....all the way up to high tide and half an hour beyond.....nutters :bangin:

Baits were gobbled up with gusto every chuck by you know what, with the occasional visit to the hook by something different. Dimitrios had a few chucks with whole squid and picked up 3 Dogs (to go with his lug/king caught Plaice and tings) while i scratched around close in with fresh black for a solitary Doggie and the inevitable ting 'n' ling :fishing:

Dimitrios dropped me off at my gaff at about 11.30pm, thanked me for sharing a lovely evening with him (haha) and told me never to f..king call him again (he didn't really say that but i bet he was thinking it.....promises of Bass can do that to a fella :boxing: ).

I realise everyone knows what a fish looks like but it wouldn't be me would it, without a couple of mug shots to go with a report :laugh:

Tight lines folks !

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Great report and pics. Your dogs are well behaved, the Seaford variety curl up like a little brown Richard the third, perhaps they are just shy. More pout than ting at Seaford Friday, it's a funny old game.
Nicely done for breaking the chains to the pc mate !
See you again soon maybe.
Stevo T
Hey Steve

Regarding the highlighted bit above.....didn't i mention that i fancy myself as a bit of a 'dog whisperer' on the quiet.....when you get your next dog, talk to it and give it a little stroke.....they'll do anything you want then mate :crazy:

Playing catch up a bit today on the forums. I'll be round yours for a chat in a bit. Might have a suggestion regarding wednesday's LISA meeting, depending how far down the road you are with that one :unsure:

Hold tight.....on't way round soon :thumbs:
Ok Fisho
Wealth of opportunity for jokes here but............I am going to be strong ! Regarding Wednesdays Lisa venue, just a couple of names pencilled in. Always open to a suggestion mate.
Stevo T
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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