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Well after the week and a bit of them strong Easterlies and then a week of waiting for the water to clear a bit as the bay resembled the Bristol channels muddy waters, the sun come out and blessed us with a perfect day, nice and warm, very light SW winds, the water had cleared a good bit so off to the breakwater in the hope that all the hungry fish would queue up for my bait.
That's all that really happened, me hoping!, got to my first mark spent nearly an hour flipping out small bits a rag and plastic lures for not a touch, so moved to the far end of the breakwater and did the same there, not a touch, even tried a couple a metals for a Mackerel. but nope.
So wandered back and tried the jetty for a bit, tried a bit a rag and yes a niggley bite, recast and again a niggley bite, it did feel quite small what was ever having a go at it, so swapped down to a size 18 hook, out it went and on the retrieve, a tiny fish was hanging on the hook and yes a new species for me, a Sand goby, yep I know its not a monster fish but after two bite less hours I didn't care, it was a fish.
Moved back to my first spot and ended up losing a bit more gear so decided to pack it up and head home.
Did have a chat to the only other angler on there and he had been feathering and floating for over 4 hours with out a touch, hopefully a few more warm days will bring the fish back in.
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