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Abbotsbury now

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Arrived at 11 pm to be greeted by a bit of swell and a nice run, not too many here. A dig and whiting for me and my mates had a cod of 6-4:thumbs:


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Nice fish! Your turn next! What was the magic bait?
Crab and lug, plenty of whiting and dogs at the minute
Just left, no more cod and plaice didn't fancy coming out. Was ok during the nigHt with the swell but as soon as that died so did the fishing, I would say there were 80-100 there during the day and we didn't see anything caught. Seems to be a lost net aswell, plenty of people losing gear.
Unlucky mate, I know the net cos I lost loads of gear to it lol (and Ben brought the corner of it up). Well done to your mate on the cod, there's always next time for one!!

Sounds like you had a good day mate and nice cod!
Did you fish near the teeth? I'm hoping to get a trip in soon bloody work getting in the way of my fishing!! Lol
We went to the right infront of the houses, had some good sessions there last year. My mate has been itching to get up there, but hes only been fishing 18 months so he was like a 3 year old after bagging the cod. Personally i would go further up if you can, i only lost 2 leads, but people were losing rigs nearly every cast. The float fishing was pants even with clear water, and we only opted for floats to try and break up the bordem. Sunny day, bacon rolls and my mate taking the **** made for an enjoyable day :thumbs:
What state of the tide did most folk lose gear ? I managed to lose 5 sets of gear in a row on the retrieve right over low water but assumed i was reeling into the drop off ( 100 yds right of the trees ) :g: . that coupled with some donkey reeling in my bait for me everytime he reeled in :uhuh: meant this was one Abbo session i will be happy to forget .. ( If you're gonna swing a full pendulum atleast try and do it straight and also have the decency not to just untangle the rigs and leave all my gear sat next to you on the beach ) It also seems the lay byes are now a free for all with folk parking tho hats off to the guys in the white camper who rolled up - empty what looked liked the contents of Ikea onto the beach - but then MOVED the camper down into the car park ..nice one :clap3:
Nice to see you managed to winkle out a coddie - i had 2 sizeable whiting and a few woofers - friggin place will be the death of me lol
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