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Knocked off work early and made my way to West Bay Water Sports to grab some bait (Squid, Rag, Frozen Black & Hermit). Made it to Abbotsbury for about 1700 and walked to the right and plonked myself down in front of the cottages. Was hoping to connect with some Plaice during daylight hours and perhaps some Sole during darkness.

Setup 2 rods, one with 2 hook flapper and the other with a set of feathers to grab some bonus makkie. Got plenty of makkie and then something I didn't recognize. I caught it on feathers, literally at my feet about 5 yards out, any thoughts (It's the one between the makkie)?

As darkness fell the pout and dogs started hitting the baits hard and I never managed to get through them to anything decent.

Called it a day at about midnight as I had to be on Salisbury Plain reasonably early on Friday morning. The session ended with enough makkie for a good feed and some bait for next time, an unknown little fella, about 8 dogs and countless pout. Never managed to connect with anything decent, although live pout on a running ledger did get plenty of attention but no hook-ups.

Looking forward to the spring tides in a week or so's time.

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